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Fresh Cunt

|The Basics|
Name: Sonja
Age: 16
Location: Close to Toronto
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status (show us a picture): We started dating just a few days ago actually.

|More About You|

10 Bands: Marilyn Manson, System of a Down, Wednesday 13, Murderdolls, ZASK (local), David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Rasputina, Dresden Dolls, Blonde Redhead... I like everything
5+ Movies: Se7en, Gummo, Moulin Rouge, American History X, Clockwork Orange, Rocky Horror, Early Peter Jackson (Dead-Alive, Bad Taste), and all classic horror movies
Interests/Hobbies: Guitar, Bass, Drawing, Biking, Movies, Video Games, Punk/Metal Shows, and of course the computer
Nationality(ies): Dutch, German and Serbian
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Some things that make you happy: Music, relaxing, playing with my babies (I have many pets), fighting, dancing, moshing, hanging out with friends
Some things that turn you into a ragged out cunt: Family events, they’re messed up and not the most enjoyable people to be around. My bio teacher. Annoying people and those girls that all look exactly the same and sometimes I just wake up and get pissed for no reason. There are a lot more.


Tell us a fucked up story involving you: Well, I don’t remember a lot of them, I’m always told about them later
Explain how you're a cunt rag: Just ask anyone I know… I just am.
Do you make fun of ugly/stupid/less fortunate people? If they deserve it. I’m not going to do it to people who don’t really have control over it.
Any Fetishes? I think I have a list somewhere… there’s a lot, but a big one is pain in general.

|This or That|

Drugs or Alcohol? Alcohol
Cigarettes or Pot? Cigarettes
Night or Day? Night
Rainy or Sunny? Rain is a turn on ha ha
Foreplay or Sex? Sex
Bar or Club? Bar


(This is not required, but a big plus)Promote us to 3 communities or journals and show us proof:
I’m new to LJ so as soon as I get used to it and get more friends or communities to join I’ll promote.


I warn you now... I am NOT photogenic at ALL

I get out of the hospital... and I go rafting the next day... I'm smart

These last two are more recent but not as good... and I'm not wearing makeup in any of these for some reason hmm...

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