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We're hot and we're fucking cunts
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This is a rating community for the cruelest of heart. We want unique individuals (goths, punks, rockabillies, transexuals, crossdressers, alternatives, trash, etc.) We're looking for males and females with looks, brains and balls. I'm serious when I say unique, non of this cookie cutter, blonde hair, blue eyed cheerleader bullshit. Camwhores are loved here. We want the best of the best. The CUNT RAGS of LJ.

Rules For Applicants

-Must be 14+
-You MUST submit an application within 3 days of joining or you are BANNED.
-Only use the application we give you.
-If you are rejected, you may reapply in a week with NEW pictures.
-Put "Fresh Cunt" as your subject line so we know you read the rules.
-Applications MUST be under an lj-cut.
-No commenting or posting (except on your own app.) until you've been accepted.
-Do not delete your application.
-You are allowed to talk back to members, but NOT to Owners and Mods.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rules for Members

-Always lj-cut pictures (one teaser is ok).
-Be brutally honest to applicants AND other members.
-Respect your Owner and Mods.
-No text-only posts.
-Promoting other communities is only allowed once a week.
-Be active or be BANNED.
-Let us know when you go on a haitus and when you'll be back.
-Nudes ARE ALLOWED under an lj-cut with a warning.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cunt of the Month

Every month, members will submit no more than 3 pictures to the Member of the Month post. Voting will begin towards the end of the month. The member with the most votes gets their picture posted on the userinfo with a few nice words about them.

Cunt Of The Month
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
You guys have chosen your woner, nocturnalpinup AGAIN for the Cunt Of The Month, thanks everyone!!

Points System
1 point-For every picture you post of yourself

5 points-For every Theme picture you post

10 points-For every time you apply for Member of the Month

10 points-For every time you apply for a contest

20 points-If you become the Cunt of the Month

20 points-If you win a contest



300 points-You receive an Auto-Accept or Auto-Reject Stamp

400 points-You can kick a member out

600 points-You choose who becomes Member of the Month (can't choose yourself)

700 points-You can kick a member our and they cannot reapply

1000 points-You may become a comod if you like

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